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When we discovered hard, swollen lymph nodes above my husband’s left collarbone on October 21st, 2012, our world turned upside down. He was soon diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. How would we tell our kids? What would happen to our family? It was overwhelming.

As a caregiver, it can feel so lonely. The fatigue is indescribable, the emotional overwhelm can be paralyzing, and the fear…

Being a caregiver for someone with cancer can feel a lot like waitressing!

What does waitressing have to do with cancer?

Twenty years ago, I was a waitress on the top floor of a local bar and grill. Weekends were loud and busy. Plenty of large groups would come in and place huge orders of wings, potato skins, pizzas, quesadillas, burgers, and fries.

The kitchen was on the restaurant’s lower level, so when my buzzer went off, telling me the order was up, I had to navigate through the crowds, down the steps as quickly as possible, to pick up the enormous tray full of food.

A Lot to Handle

Sometimes the tray was so big that the kitchen staff would have to hoist it onto my right shoulder, where I would balance it between my hands.

Then, with this gigantic tray of food, I had to weave my way back through the crowds, up the stairs to the waiting table of customers. To get the tray off my shoulder, I’d have to lower myself onto one knee and slide the tray onto the table. It was quite a feat! Often the customers were so impressed they tipped me extra for the show.

No one knew how painful it was, holding that tray on my shoulder or that with every step, I feared dropping the entire order. Because if anything had been added to that tray, it would’ve thrown the whole thing off balance, tumbling plates full of food to the floor.

That’s How It Is Dealing with Cancer.

It’s overwhelming.

So, I’ve focused my writing and speaking on caregivers and children. Unfortunately, people often overlook their needs due to the urgency of the patient’s medical situation.

My goal is to help people face cancer with grace.

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