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Begin Your Day Right to Avoid Burnout

How can you begin your day in a way that will reduce burnout?

Begin your day right… the night before.

  • Take a look at the next 3 days on your calendar. That way nothing will sneak up on you. You will be prepared for upcoming appointments, things that need to go out in the mail, etc. Make a short to do list in order of importance.
  • Set your clothes out for the next day. This will help you avoid a mad dash around your bedroom looking for that missing sock.
  • Get to bed at a decent time. This is the one I struggle with. Stress can severely impact your sleep schedule and a lack of sleep leads to burnout—fast.
  • Now that you’ve has a good night’s sleep…

Give yourself a little extra time in the morning

There’s nothing that starts the day off on the wrong foot like having to rush. That’s how things get forgotten, breakfast gets skipped, and you end up mentally stressed. Instead, begin your day right with just a few small changes.

Habit stack

Habit stacking is when you form one habit, like getting up at a certain time, every day. Then after about a week, you add a 2nd habit. After you get up, you brush your teeth. How you always know that when you wake up you brush your teeth right away. A week after that, you add another habit, starting the coffee pot. You can stack your habits in whatever order you like, but the key thing is, you are building them up, one at a time, from the ground up. In this way you always know what comes next. Eventually, you’ll have a wonderful morning routine that will get you from your bed to your breakfast table.

Begin your day right, with breakfast

You might not be a breakfast-eater. I’m not going to try to convince you to make eggs and toast, a smoothie, or even a bowl of cereal. How you eat is up to you. The important thing is the ritual of sitting down at the table and taking stock of your day. I prefer to have a good cup of coffee.

Look at your list. Remember the to-do list you wrote last night before going to bed? Decide what your top priorities are for the day.

Pray. Whether you pray for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, it is a good reminder that your day is ultimately in God’s hands.

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7 comments on “Begin Your Day Right to Avoid Burnout

I liked the habit stack idea. I will try to incorporate it in my daily routine!



Hi Meena. It makes it so much easier to add a new habit into your day. Best wishes!

Very wise words. I have always been a breakfast-eater, but lately I have been dascinated by how many of my acquaintances don’t eat breakfast at all…


Hi Tarkabarka. I confess that I’m not a breakfast eater, but I always sit with my husband and drink my coffee while he eats his breakfast. We have lots of great discussions at this time. He used to drive a bus and our breakfast ritual happened at about 3 am. Now, he’s on disability so we do it at about 9 am. Either way, we have a meeting of the minds and start our day together.

Spot on suggestions! For me, slow mornings proved to be THE most important things to deal with stress better, to keep positive and constructive. I don’t have a routine, some mornings I read, others I write; some mornings I make a shake, other times I have breakfast; sometimes I shower in the morning, other times in the evening etc. I love that I can do whatever I like in these 1 or 2 hours. Sure, it helps that we start at different times in my family, so I have the mornings to myself.


Hi Andrea. Morning is the foundation you build your day upon. SO I’m glad you can have a good relaxing morning. It can make such a difference in the day that follows. Have a great day!

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