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6 Nuggets of Caregiving Wisdom

Caregiving Wisdom

The following are 6 nuggets of caregiving wisdom that I have gained the hard way. I’m a caregiver for my husband who has been living with stage IV lung cancer since 2012.

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom #1   Looks can be deceiving.

Both caregivers and patients can keep it together in public, only to fall into bed, exhausted, once they get home. One patient said that people often were amazed at how good she looked, considering she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She said, “I wish I felt as good on the inside as I look on the outside.” You can’t control how others see and respond to your situation. That’s okay. But make sure that you don’t compare yourself to how you think you should be doing. Things like housework, yard work, and hitting the gym will have to take a back seat, so ditch the guilt. Those things mean nothing when someone is dying.

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom #2   Work as a team.

Friends, family, doctors, caregivers, and the patient are a team. Don’t feel like you have to, or should be able, to do it all. No one was meant to take on that load. There will also be times when you are able to do more and times when you have to do less. During those times when you are getting worn down, rely on your team. Utilize the tools available to you like Caring Bridge. This can help you bridge to your community.

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom #3   Relationships will change throughout the caregiving journey.

Some of the changes will be negative. Illness will change the life of the patient and the caregiver as well as those who love them. There’s a lot of grief over what once was, but is no more—even if you end up in a good place.

There are also positive changes. Often relationships are strengthened as people reassess their priorities. You find out who really cares by their response to what you are going through. Spousal relationships no longer sway to flippantly considering splitting up.

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom #4   YOU will change throughout the caregiving journey.

A few of the great quotes I heard from caregivers on the panel were:

  • “Wisdom is healed pain.”
  • “The dying can teach us how to live.”
  • “It’s a tougher life, but it’s a bigger life.”

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom #5   There’s no perfect picture of a caregiver.

There is no right or wrong way to do it. Age, diagnosis, prognosis, and support system, all make each case different. A caregiver isn’t just a warm body. They offer spiritual, emotional, financial and physical care. How this looks will be different for every patient.

There’s a lot you can’t do for the patient, but you can be present. Listen to hear, rather than to respond. Do this and you’ll get all the information you need.

Nugget of Caregiving Wisdom # 6   Anticipatory Grace

Fear is a very real, very intense part of caregiving. Fear of:

  • Not doing well enough
  • Scan results
  • Treatment side effects
  • Financial future
  • The kids’ well being
  • “Devastating information” we get from the doctor (or Dr. Google)
  • The death experience

You want to hold on tighter to what you could lose. Learn to release so that you don’t miss out on the beauty. Take life one minute at a time rather than going down the rat hole looking for the worst.

I have plenty more nuggets of caregiving wisdom to talk about in future posts. Until then…


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4 comments on “6 Nuggets of Caregiving Wisdom

What a great list. I like the ones about change–that the caregiver may change throughout the process.


Hi Jacqui. I can sure speak to that. Sometimes I wonder who I would be if life had run a “normal” course.

Great wisdom and strength in your words, Heather. I’m sad to hear your story, but I will send you thoughts and blessings. I’m not a caregiver but learning to appreciate you all, including my wife who married me knowing I had a chronic illness – multiple sclerosis. She now has to cope with discovering I have very early blood cancer, but she copes bravely.


Hi Roland. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. I am glad you have a wonderful wife who is on this journey with you. Bless you both as you deal with both the MS and the blood cancer.

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