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Clear the Clutter to Avoid Burnout

Clear the clutter to avoid burnout

Today you are going to clear the clutter from one area of your life. Any area…You get to choose.

This morning I’ve been running around looking for a copy of orders for labs that my daughter’s doctor gave me a couple of months ago. She has an appointment at the lab tomorrow and I’m supposed to bring them with, but can I find them? No. That’s because my home is cluttered and disorganized. Some of it is mental chaos after the holidays, but there’s really no excuse. SO it’s time to clear the clutter.

Clear the clutter from your home

This is a tough area to keep in order when you are living with cancer. Housework tends to get tossed to the wayside in favor of the more pressing medical needs as well as fatigue that you experience. We are going to start small, here. Just choose one thing, maybe a junk drawer, a medicine cabinet, an end table where all of your papers land. It could be your refrigerator or a closet, or a bookshelf. Whatever it is, one at a time, decide what to do with the items that are keeping it cluttered. Clear them out and clean the spot with some dusting polish or hot soap and water. You are bound to feel better afterward.

Clear the clutter from your car

The next time you go to your car, head out 10 minutes early and bring 2 empty grocery bags with you. Use one for garbage and the other for the things that need to be brought into the house. Then deliver them to their respective homes. You can vacuum and scrub your car’s dash and cup holders another time.

Clear the clutter from your purse

Dump the whole thing out. Toss the scraps that you no longer need. Put away anything that doesn’t belong in your purse and replace the rest of the items in their respective places. That should make finding your chapstick easier next time your lips are dry.

Clear the clutter from your computer

Now that we keep a lot of our lives in digital form, even our computers get cluttered. You may need to organize and delete a host of emails. Your photos might need to be organized and backed up on an external hard drive or in a cloud. Perhaps you have to go through your bookmarks bar. Surely there is something in your computer that needs to be organized and backed up.

Clear the clutter from your phone

Some of us use our phones as much, if not more than, our computers. Have you gone through your contacts list lately? Look for duplicates or old entries that can be deleted or updated. Back up and delete photos. Get rid of apps you no longer use. This will make your phone run faster and more efficiently.

Clear the clutter from your tablet

More of the same goes for your tablet. See if there are e-books you need to organize or delete as well as old games and apps. Anything that can go should, even if you have space, by clearing the clutter, you make decisions as well as finding things easier.

The A to Z Blogging Challenge

Once again I will be doing double duty in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I will be sharing ways to avoid burnout, here at Facing Cancer with Grace.  At Heather Erickson Author/Writer/Speaker, I will share ways of thinking creatively, using Brainsparker’s Kickstart Course of A to Z prompts. I hope you’ll visit me at both sites.

What do you need to declutter?

What Are Your Thoughts?

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8 comments on “Clear the Clutter to Avoid Burnout

This is my kinda post! I love de-cluttering and am always finding some or other spot in my home that needs to get rid of clutter. Once a week, I get rid of the virtual clutter and that makes me feel great, too! The mental clutter is something I need to clear up on an everyday basis! 😛
Shilpa Gupte recently posted…C – Connect with your tribe. #AtoZChallengeMy Profile


Hi Shilpa. I admire your discipline. I have a hard time decluttering. I’m getting better at it, though.

I feel like this is easier said than done. I’ve been working on clearing out my home since May of last year and I feel like I’m nowhere near done.


Hi Mandy. You’re right. It can be very tough to part with belongings. It can also feel overwhelming to tackle. I’ve recently found that having a friend help can be beneficial. It must be someone you really trust. though.

Hello. I am a new reader from the A-2-Z Challenge. Nice to meet you. Your post on clutter is right up my ally. I am a regular de-clutterer (is that a word? haha). Started years ago in an effort to downsize for family who moved back home, relatives that were too old to live independently and just a survival technique for my own peace of mind. The BIG de-clutter happened 2 years ago when we (we are seniors) downsized from at 2200 square foot townhouse to a 1375 square foot condo. And the clutter still builds today – so there is always something to do! Enjoyed your post.


Hi Elaine. I try to keep clutter to a minimum, but it seems to creep in when I’m not looking. My husband recently went on in-home hospice so we had to make room for his wheelchair, commode, bedside table, etc. Wow was that chore! I would have much rather done it before we were in crisis mode. I’m glad you stopped by.

Clearing clutter is so so important. Enjoyed your post. My purse is often filled with receipts, credit care slips and other miscellaneous stuff which I keep forgetting to remove. Once removed, I feel I have got a new purse!! 🙂
Archana recently posted…F is for FriendsMy Profile


Hi Archana. I often find that when I clean out my purse, its a pound or two lighter. This is a huge benefit to my shoulders. I have RA, and a pile of change at the bottom of my purse does nothing good to my joints. Have a wonderful day!

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