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Priceless4Purpose, A Getaway for Cancer Patients


We’ve recommended Priceless4Purpose and Mystic Views to several friends facing cancer and they have had as good an experience as we did.

Spotlight on Giving Back: Priceless4Purpose

Being diagnosed with cancer plunges patients and family members into the quicksand of physical, financial, mental, and emotional overwhelm. It can be hard for patients to take a break in order to refreshPriceless4Purpose: The Steve Bartlett Cancer Non-Profit Organization. is doing something about this by providing an opportunity for patients and a companion to stay at Mystic Views, a bed and breakfast in northern Minnesota.

Cindy Bartlett knows the strain that cancer can put on people, as much as anyone.

The story of this unique respite service began in 2005 when Cindy and her husband Steve decided to start a bed and breakfast in northern Minnesota.

After 3 years, they had finally found their new home. Their Realtor showed them the lakeside property about 30 minutes north of Brainerd in the peak of winter. Even with the cold Minnesota snow surrounding them, they knew that this was the place for them.

By the time they were ready to receive guests in 2008, Steve was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had been awfully tired, but they attributed that to all of the work that was going into getting Mystic Views ready.


Steve’s battle lasted 20 months.

Over the course of Steve’s treatment at Hubert Humphrey Cancer Center, he and Cindy met many other couples walking the same journey as they were. Some survived, but others didn’t. Steve died in 2010.

“At first,” says Cindy, “I thought, what did we do that was so bad, to deserve this? But then, it didn’t take me long to say, why not us?”

One day, about 6 months after Steve’s death, Cindy took a break, herself, to enjoy one of the hot tub’s at Mystic Views. As she relaxed, she thought about other couples she and Steve had become friends with at treatments. She wanted them to be able to experience rest in the midst of their battle. She remembered that Steve would always say, “I’m the luckiest person to be able to come back here to recoup between treatments.” That was the birth of Priceless4Purpose.

Cindy went to work, making her vision a reality.

It took about 2 years to transition Mystic Views from a for-profit business to the 501c3, Priceless4Purpose. Cindy became an expert in grant writing. Along with her 3 sons, she set out to find the funding to make Priceless4Purpose a reality.

Since 2013, over 100 cancer patients have been able to experience the rest and relaxation that comes from time away in the quiet of nature because of Priceless4Purpose.

Priceless4Purpose is unique, in that it serves adult patients undergoing active cancer treatment in Minnesota, regardless of stage, sex, or type of cancer. Patients can come alone or with an adult loved one of their choosing.

Priceless4Purpose grants guests up to 3 nights respite with both breakfast and dinner, served in their suite. The room includes a king-sized bed and a Jacuzzi. There’s also a private deck which overlooks a private, environmental lake.

Cindy Bartlett made us some amazing meals during our stay at Mystic Views.

You can help Priceless4Purpose when you shop on

Support the Mystic Views Adult Cancer respite program whenever you make a purchase on Amazon, at no cost to yourself!

Whenever you make a purchase at Amazon, just use Amazon will donate to Priceless4Purpose through the Amazon Smile Program. It’s super easy!

You can also patronize Mystic Views. Paying customers who don’t have cancer, but who are looking for a peaceful B&B are welcome. You can find Mystic Views “north of the tension zone,” near the Minnesota resort towns of Nisswa and Pequot Lakes, so if you decide to head to town, unique shops and activities abound.

Whether you decide to take in the sites or enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at Mystic Views, you will leave feeling rejuvenated.


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