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Resources for When a Friend has Cancer

It’s common to feel powerless to help when a friend has cancer. The following resources for when a friend has cancer will give you ideas of ways you can help your friend through this time.

Resources for When a Friend has CancerCoordinating Meals/Help Resources for when a friend has cancer

When a friend has cancer, helping with meals and other acts of service benefits the patient, but also the caregiver and their family. Often, patients and caregivers spend a lot of time at appointments, and by the time they get home, the last thing they want to do is make a meal. Yet, it’s essential that they stay nourished. There are some great planning sites online that can help coordinate things like meals. This can prevent gaps and overlap in this valuable act of service and love.

Lots A Helping Hands Care Coordinating Website

Take Them a Meal, Meal Planning Website


Sometimes the best way to show someone you care is to give them a gift. What do you give someone who has cancer? Check out this article on Gifts Cancer Patients Would Love.

 Gift Giving

Understanding Fatigue when a Friend has Cancer

When a friend has cancer, one of the things that quickly changes is their energy level. Sometimes, they may even look healthy, but the battle happening within their body is far more debilitating than the eye can perceive. It may be difficult for them to put into words, the effect the fatigue has on them. Christine Miserandino has done a great job of explaining the effect of fatigue causing illness in her classic essay, “The Spoon Theory.”

Hugging a Friend who has Cancer

Sometimes when a friend has cancer, you wonder if it’s okay to hug them. Are you going to hurt them? Could you give them a germ-born illness? Science has shown the benefits of physical contact, not only for healthy people but for people with illnesses such as cancer. as well. Here’s a short article that gives some helpful advice on how to be considerate and safe when offering physical encouragement through hugs, pats, etc.

Also, here are a couple of websites on the benefits of hugs.

20 Amazing Benefits of Hugging According to Science (+10 Hugging Tips)

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Giving More Hugs

Resources for Supporting Breast Cancer Charities

October is about more than just wearing pink– find out how you can get involved and maximize charitable donations to breast cancer. PLUS, this article has information on how to set up your own fundraiser and how to avoid charity scams.

Praying for a Friend Who Has Cancer

Prayer can be the most powerful Resource for when a friend has cancer. You can lift them up for encouragement, healing, and anything else they need at this time. It can also give you direction when it comes to how to help your loved one. You can pray for their family and their caregivers as well. It is sometimes tough to know where to begin, though. So, I’ve made a list of things you can pray for.

Am I Missing Something?

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